The Process - How I work

We like to keep things simple and find this formula works!


After we accept a business plan and a price, I will ask for a 50% down payment before I start working. I need to find out more about you and your business. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when creating a website. Before I start working on your website, we sit together so I get to know you and understand your website requirements.


Once I understand your needs & your business, I will start my research and planning. I start looking for a URL thats free and tell you your best options to choose the best name for your website. I start creating a template for your website, this means creating your site’s structure, outlining the general layout, decide what features should be implemented on your site.


This is where the creative process starts and your site really comes to life. I let my creative brain work and design your website, one page at a time. I work closely with you and will be in constant contact with you by whatsapp or messenger. Once I have your approval of the designs, I move on to the development stage.


When all pictures & features are build in and the site has been completed, I will review your website to ensure all its components are working as intended and your website looks good on all different systems and devices. I will send you a link to a beta version of your website for a final approval, before I make the site live.


The most exciting of all stages! Now that your website is ready, it’s time to release it to the public. I also tell everyone about it on our Social Media channels. Once launched, I keep monitoring your website to ensure that all components are up to date. I always stay in touch & support you. Now you can pay me the rest of my fee!


what you see is what you get. I am transparent and always listen to your needs! Together we Design the perfect website for your business. I always show you how i work and keep in close contact step by step. No surprices.